Mary Brigden

Independent Park Lane Franchise Owner

I joined Direct Selling 30 years. I have enjoyed being in the Field and Corporate roles within this industry.

I am so glad I found Park Lane in 2016.  It is a stand out company in so many ways. The best Career Plan I have seen. I know my team are earning more now than ever before and that’s a priority for me. Enjoy the testimonials from some of our team, they all have their own story to tell.

Our team has won many awards since July 2016

No 1. International Sales Vice President Global Award – that really showed what a wonderful team we have, and how everyone, big or small contributed to that prestigious Award. We were so new, and we were so excited !!!

Then we took on the Franchise in April 2017

August 2017                No.2 Franchise in the World

February 2018            No 2. Franchise in the World

August 2018                No.2 Franchise in the World

We are so proud of our team and what we have achieved.

We are so proud to see many of our team win personal International Awards as well.

Park Lane is a business where you let people do what THEY want to do. Some want to climb to the top of the ladder and be great Leaders.  You never go backwards with Park Lane, once you reach that title you stay there !!! Others want to just get out of the house once a week. I totally respect whatever journey they want this business to give them.  Park Lane gives you the opportunity big or small, that’s up to you.

Fashion Directors have different goals, some want to buy a car, have a holiday, pay off the credit cards, save for a beautiful wedding.  Whatever it is we will show you how.

The Dream Squad has a mixture of people who all enjoy being part of this dynamic team who are here to support and encourage everyone’s journey.

It is an honour and privilege to lead this team.

“What started out as a ‘I will just buy the kit’ moment as a 21 year old has turned into that dream life I thought was never in reach. With 15 years of partying under my belt and the life and business skills that I have collected along the way I know that Park Lane and the Dream Squad give me an opportunity to pass on this incredible gift to anyone willing to share beautiful jewellery whilst earning weekly money for themselves and their family goals. The stories I have collected along the way and the people who have impacted my life just by simply being a part of such a positive environment mean that I have the knowledge and vision to help others create a life I am so grateful for.”

“As a franchise owner I have a passion to give my whole heart to help, encourage, support and celebrate YOU. Nothing makes me happier than seeing your social media posts with your family on a dream holiday, your kids concerts and their first day at school, date night with the hubby or you wearing your new piece of free jewellery. All of this is possible with PARK LANE and the DREAM SQUAD. A group of friends who chose Park Lane for its compensation plan, it’s incredible life time guarantee jewellery, overseas all expenses paid family holidays, it’s 60 + year history family owned and operated and the values that are rare like a diamond. The Dream Squad is exactly that. A team of women who have your back, cheer you on, stand by your side and make you feel welcome and included. Everyone deserves that type of support. It is an honour along with Mary Brigden to lead our Dream Squad, all you need is 30 seconds of courage and say YES!”

Laura Zammit

Independent Park Lane Franchise Owner

Michelle Kenzig

Senior Division Leader

I joined Park Lane Dream Squad late 2017 because I fell in love with the jewellery, the generous host rewards, the support, the commission starts at 30% with a weekly pay and the achievable incentives to add to your kit

I surprised myself when I ran my first party, at how comfortable I felt and confident (despite having no exp in fashion) – confidence in the product, the business and the customer rewards as well as the host rewards. I was over the moon to earn my host over $500 in rewards. I was on a complete high; I wanted more, more, MORE!

I joined because I needed something for me, to regain my confidence and earn an extra income working hours that fit around my schedule and my children

I’m grateful for being introduced to this opportunity, I didn’t know that I needed or even wanted.

I stay with Park Lane because of the team, franchise owners, the jewellery, the commission, the rewards – THE LOT

The difference I have noticed with Park Lane is I don’t have to spend my own $$$ to add items to my kit that had previously made a large dent in my profits in past business.